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About Stativa

We offer Three (3) Core Services:

  • Business Risk Management and Disaster Recovery Services
  • IT Technology Architecture Consulting Services
  • IT Technology Solution Delivery Services

Business Risk Management Services and Disaster Recovery Service are a specialty of ours in the Information Technology Practice of medium to large multinational corporations.  This service is complimented by inclusion of people security services from our partner.  The goal is to ensure your business continuance through specific vulnerability  assessments, definition and enablement of your response plans for your key PEOPLE, your unique PROCESS and your specific TECHNOLOGIES. The depth and breadth of services is tailored to your companies specific needs and level of automation.

Technology Architecture Consulting Services are our approach to SMART INFRASTRUCTURE in that we architect and design your technology solutions before installation. We specialize in IT Information, ERP, BPM, Architecture and Solution  Delivery inclusive of Infrastructure architecture . 

Technology Solution Delivery Services & Business Continuance.  Program and Project Management of IT Solutions are key drivers to success of IT Delivery. PM Services partnered with our Risk Management, Disaster Recovery and Architecture Consulting Services transform our solutions into a powerful combination of skills that Solid-Proof your IT Services for your clients. Our Global Software Partners create an On-Demand 24*7 Delivery and Support Framework which is well orchestrated with the U.S. Based Deliver Services Organization.

When a disaster occurs, we are all reminded of the vulnerability of the business environment and its lack of preparedness for these events.  Each event, such as a power outage, terrorist bombing, hurricane, fire, flood, riot, or earthquake has the potential to disrupt operations and cause complete business failure. History consistently shows that between 35 to 50% of businesses never recover after a major disaster.  Organizations with comprehensive business resumption plans will recover from these disasters and significantly maintain or gain market share.  We will develop your  Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and integrate it along with the delivery of your IT project. We also perform BCP Risk Assessments at your request and within your budget and time frame.

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Stativa, LLC. is able to meet these requirements by dedicating Chief Architecture Consultants and Business Continuity Professionals,  executive security and investigative partners,  consultants, marketing partners, and executive management team to securing your company BCP ensuring business productivity and continuity.

We are uniquely qualified to deliver the industry best practices your company expects in part by our consultants assigned to your BCP project with over 20 years of relevant experience:

  • Direct experience in the setup, training, and testing of emergency response and business continuity teams in the consumer products, distribution, and call center intensive environments;
  • International business resumption experience and resources;
  • Experience with major IT application packages (ORACLE ERP, SAP, Manufacturing applications, logistics, HR, Sales, Engineering)  From Design to Delivery and Support.
  • Experience with complex project management;
  • Non-affiliation with any particular product or service provider;
  • Complete understanding of mainframe and distributed environments as well as business unit planning and emergency management;
  • Peer reviews by our internal experts or other project consultants;
  • Successful testing of plans developed by our consultants during actual disasters;
  • Our partner's leadership role in the risk management community and its goal to build long term client relationships.
  • Our very strong expertise in multinational large Information Systems applications and computing centers who's technical architectures pose a challenge to orchestrate or define by less experienced parties.
  • Experienced with delivery of cloud computing.